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    Wednesday, April 27, 2011

    Sexy Dress for “Big Hips” women

    sexy women s big hipsSexy Dress for “Big Hips” women
    the fact : lifestyle women stylist dress.

    It is not easy for women who have big waist to get an appropriate dress for them. Woman with big hips will take longer time to get a sexy dress that can make their waist more beautiful without make it looks worse. Fortunately, nowadays there are so many dresses that are provided with style and design that can make “women’s big hips” looks more beautiful like Beyonce.
    So, it is not difficult for you who have big waist to get your appearance more sexy and elegance. It is depend on your seen to choose the best dress for you to wear. There are many style of dresses that are offered, but remember not all cute and sexy dress are appropriate for you, adjusting it with your body shape.
    Make sure you get a dress that is interesting and eye-catching. Choose a dress that can make people interested in some parts of your body especially in your breast because if people are pay attention in your breast, they will not pay attention in your big waist. You can choose a dress that at the upper part of it is decorated with some sweet details such as ribbon, and so on. Detail sweet decorated will make your breast eye-catching and looks chic. Also choose dress with A-Line shape that “bite” in the waist, but also wavy and dangle around the waist.
    So, your big hips will be covered and it looks proportional with your body. To make it simple you can imagine the style in 50s. Many women use that kind of dress and it is still exists up to now. So, don’t think that it had expired. Those styles are appropriate for your big hips. It will make your hips more sexy and beautiful.
    source : http://www.womendiary.net/2010/09/01/chic-and-sexy-dress-for-big-hips/

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